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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Submarine Analysts Submarine Technicians

Submarine Analysts Submarine Technicians

Employer: HUBZone Headquarters, Inc. (HUBZone HQ) (www.hz-hq.com)
Locations: (1) Groton, CT, (2) Washington, DC, (3) Norfolk, VA, (4) Kings Bay, GA

Type of job for Submarine Analysts Submarine Technicians: Full time salaried positions (analysts) and full time hourly positions (technicians)
Security clearance required: Yes
Previous relevant Navy experience required: Yes — only submarine-qualified applicants will be considered

Note: For a resume to be considered, it must clearly show that the candidate has a current security clearance, and was qualified in submarines (either gold or silver dolphins).
“Salary varies based on professional qualifications and years of experience.”

Details for Submarine Analysts Submarine Technicians
HUBZone HQ has a variety of full time submarine analyst and full time submarine technician positions available at different East Coast locations.
Positions vary from very junior, mid-grade and senior technical support positions, and junior, mid-grade and senior analyst positions.
Full time salaried positions with benefits.

Please note your relocation preferences/availability

Contact info: jobs@hz-hq.com

Submarine Analysts Submarine Technicians 

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Welcome To HUBZone HQ
HUBZone HQ is a veteran-owned HUBZone firm based in Virginia Beach, Virginia, specializing in HUBZone subcontracting and compliance. Since opening our doors, our vision is to be the premier HUBZone firm and government contractor in engineering and consulting backed by a scalable enterprise business model that supports US government clients in all geographies. As we provide capable engineering, detailed consulting, high tech research and development (R&D), and life cycle support services to our valued clients, we’re consistent through every phase in remaining focused on maintaining HUBZone compliance.
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