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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Cyber Defense IT Analysts Technicians

Cyber Defense IT Analysts Technicians

Position: Cyber Defense / IT analysts and technicians
Employer: DOTMLPFI, Inc. (www.dotmlpfi.com)
Locations: National Capital Region (e.g., Pentagon), Quantico, VA, Norfolk, VA, Suffolk, VA, and Philadelphia, PA

Type of job for Cyber Defense IT Analysts Technicians: Full time salaried positions (analysts) and full time hourly positions (technicians)
Security clearance required: Yes. Note: Positions in the National Capital Region, Quantico and Hampton Roads require security clearances. Some positions in Philadelphia do not security clearances.
Experience required: varies by position — some positions only require 2 years of experience, others more.
“Salary varies based on professional qualifications and years of experience.”

Details for Cyber Defense IT Analysts Technicians
DOTMLPFI has a variety of full time Cyber Defense / IT analysts and full time Cyber Defense / IT technicians positions available at different East Coast locations.
Positions vary from very junior, mid-grade and senior technical support positions, and junior, mid-grade and senior analyst positions.
Full time salaried positions with benefits.

Please note your relocation preferences/limitations/availability.
Contact info: jobs@dotmlpfi.com

Cyber Defense IT Analysts Technicians

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About Us
Complete your project on time and within your budget with DOTMLPFI, Inc. Based in Virginia Beach, Virginia, we provide defense planning and capability assessments for organizations throughout the world. DOTMLPFI stands for doctrine, organization, training, materiel, leadership (and education), personnel, facilities, and interoperability. Call today for a consultation and learn how we can assist you.

Mission Statement
DOTMLPFI provides comprehensive capability development services to Army, Navy, Air Force, Joint Staff, and NATO clients via prime contracts and subcontracts.
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