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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Somali Linguists USA Citizens

Somali Linguists USA Citizens

LOOKING FOR CAT II and CAT III linguists in the following languages: –
Somali (SM)
Somali/Amharic (SM/AC)
Somali/Arabic (SM/AD)
Somali/French (SM/FR)
Acholi (AH)

Somali Linguists USA Citizens, we are able to sponsor clearances for the following languages:
Somali/Arabic (SM/AD) and Somali/Amharic (SM/AC)
Location for Somali Linguists USA Citizens: Somalia and Djibouti
Must be at least  a US citizen.
We will sponsor your clearance if you are just a US citizen for Somali/Arabic (SM/AD) and Somali/Amharic (SM/AC) Linguists, but are also looking for people who have SECRET and TOP SECRET clearances as well.
You will be working alongside the troops. Your main function will be translation.
That could be in the form of face to face translation, listening to radio intercepts, and reading documents. Most of your time will be on a base there, but there could be some patrols as well. All with the US military with them at all times.
This job directly impacts the safety and security of the United States of America. Your role is huge in ensuring that we as a country stay safe and that our soldiers come home to their loved ones. This is not something we take lightly at all.
No Experience required. Must be a US citizen. This position is also open to naturalized US citizens.
This will be for a one year contract, where your room and board are paid for.
This is a renewable contract.
We also offer world class benefits, there is an R&R Incentive of up to $2,500 per R&R up to three times in a 12 month period.
Company 401k, where we will match up to 4% of your total compensation and you are vested immediately.

Additionally, you will receive Profit Sharing at the end of every quarter.
Please note that WE ARE the only DLITE company with a universal participation profit-sharing plan.
As a thank you for your service, we will provide you with a security clearance and also offer you up to 3 months off a year that you can take to be home with your families as well.
Please send resume to lucy@military-civilian.com to discuss salary range, doe
These salaries are federal tax free.

Somali Linguists USA Citizens

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