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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Special Officer Aide de Camp Asia

Special Officer Aide de Camp Asia

Location: Malaysia Blue Ocean Strategy Institute (MBOSI)
Level 15-15.02, Menara HLA, No. 3, Jalan Kia Peng | 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Function: Diplomacy, Protocol and Aide de Camp
Status: Full Time

JOB SUMMARY For Special Officer Aide de Camp Asia
The Malaysia Blue Ocean Strategy Institute (MBOSI) is looking for a highly driven professional with native or near native proficiency in both verbal and written English. The position is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and requires relocation and a commitment to staying within the region for a minimum of 3 years. This position provides the opportunity to assist our international thought leaders and exposed to working directly with national leaders at the highest levels of international business and politics. MBOSI is both an academic institute and a think tank/advisory firm that applies blue ocean strategy theory to create powerful solutions that are high impact, low cost, and rapidly executed. The Institute’s mission is to support the public sector to achieve its goals by applying blue ocean strategy while establishing a community of BOS thinkers and practitioners. Through National Blue Ocean Strategy, over 80 ministries and agencies – from the police and military, to women, youth, and higher education organizations – are collaborating to formulate and execute creative blue ocean strategy initiatives that are transforming the nation. Click here for information on how Blue Ocean Strategy has been adopted in Malaysia’s public sector.

PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITIES For Special Officer Aide de Camp Asia
Manage, plan, coordinate and execute all aspects of administrative and operational supports for MBOSI’s top management, board members and their distinguished guests.
Plan, coordinate and execute high-level foreign and domestic visits/functions, ceremonies, special events and meetings hosted by the senior leadership. This includes conducting research and identifying potential site locations, facility selections, gift exchanges, invitations, seating arrangements, press coverage, etc. and arranging the necessary logistics.
Assist senior leadership forge strategic relationships, and guide them in terms of customs and etiquette to assure cultural and political correctness.
Assist senior leadership formulate, develop and implement policies, strategy goals, operational objectives and programs.
Develop and maintain reliable sources of information from government, interest groups and other organizations that provide timely and accurate data on political, economic, and social developments of different countries.
Develop and manage research projects in various sectors/disciplines (academic, public policy, business, real estate, social media, digital marketing, human resources, etc.)
Flexibility and mobility are crucial. In line with team spirit, work on other special tasks assigned by the members of the Board and the CEO. May be required to work and/or be “on call” after normal duty hours, which may include evenings, weekends or holidays.

Minimum Bachelor’s degree from a prestigious University that is internationally recognized.
Master’s degree and/or Ph.D. preferred but not necessary.
All new hires require Mandatory Protocol Training upon joining.
Ex-Military experience particularly in Aide-de-Camp appointment will be desirable
Minimum 3 years of full-time work experience in a professional setting (candidates below 35 years of age with minimum 1 year experience in Asia preferred).
Excellent verbal and written communication skills and command of English language.
Demonstrate maturity to work in a team with shared responsibilities under constantly changing mandates and missions.
Critical thinker with high ability to multi-task as well as multi-function.
High level of commitment. Willing to work long hours to fulfill their duties.
High level of integrity and ability to maintain confidentiality at all times.
Strong attention to detail and ability to follow-through with a high degree of diligence.
Ability to quickly adapt to different cultures and perform in a demanding, fast-paced environment .
Energetic person with fresh innovative ideas who is social media savvy and technology savvy.
Positive and proactive attitude as well as being highly emotionally intelligent.

Please submit a cover letter and your most updated resume to hr@mbosi.net.
Please note that this position has no direct affiliation with INSEAD Blue Ocean Strategy Institute or UCSI Blue Ocean Strategy Regional Center.

Assistant level
(BA with 3-5 yrs experience or MA with 1-2 yrs experience)      USD 40,000 base salary per annum with 20% bonus incentive for the protocol side of the role and another 20% bonus incentive for the digital media side of the role
Associate level (
BA with 5-7 yrs experience or MA with 3-5 yrs experience)      USD 60,000 base salary per annum with 20% bonus incentive for the protocol side of the role and another 20% bonus incentive for the digital media side of the role
Relocation support including
one way flight ticket to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia & cash allowance of USD 5,000. Our Admin & Operations staff will help all new hires with basic set-ups such as arranging realtor to view housings and setting up bank accounts, etc.
One leave passage to your home country for each contract year
for you and your family living together in Kuala Lumpur (Economy class roundtrip ticket)
Annual leave –
15 working days per year for new employees up to his/her 3rd year of service. You will be entitled to take annual leave after your confirmation of service (generally this is after the initial 6-month probation period.) Upon approval of the management, you will receive a replacement leave for working on weekends or public holidays
Other additional benefits
(i.e. health insurance, medical/dental expense allowance, annual medical check-up, electronic allowance every 3 years for mobile phone & laptop, one time allowance for iPad purchase, etc.)

Special Officer Aide de Camp Asia

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