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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Devil Dog USA Media - Vet Talk New Episode

Attached is the link for Vet Talk's new episode featuring Edson Arzu the Executive Officer of Garifuna Veterans of America. A former Navy Doc and now a soon to be Medical Doctor. 

I am proud to announce that Vet Talk will be featured on the air through BronxNet by next month, we will be sending out the details for date and time shortly. 

Additionally attached are the information on the Bronx Art Showcase, I hope you can attend or pass the word to the Art Community. All welcome and no fees to add your displays.  

Gonzalo Duran
Chief Executive Officer 
Devil Dog USA Incorporated

Address: 4555 3rd Ave., Bronx NY 10458 

"You showed us how much you love your country, now let us show you how much your country loves you." - Sgt. Gonzalo Duran

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