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Monday, July 18, 2016

True North Logistics








True North Logistics

True North Logistics offers deep relationships within the veterans community, access to highly-qualified personnel across myriad technical and business domains, and established processes for streamlined identification and placement.  Our veteran recruiting support services include executive-level search and placement and optimization of veteran hiring programs to maximize performance, value and business incentives.
Key elements of this service line include:
Define a veterans hiring strategy
Identify benefits & tax incentives
Determine employment opportunities
Define detailed job descriptions
Identify qualified candidates
Hire and place veterans, wounded warriors and military spouses
Create a welcoming and educated workplace
Develop a sustainable transition program
Why Work With Veterans?

Interpersonal Communication
Personnel & Project Management
Process Improvement
Problem Solving
Team work
Integrity & responsibility

Business Incentives
Employment tax credits
Funds for training & apprenticeship
Tax credits for accommodations
Relocation benefits
Security clearances

True North Logistics
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