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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

On-site Customer Service Representative in San Jose, CA

On-site Customer Service Representative

Full Time
Job Location: 88 W Plumeria Dr, San Jose, CA 95134, USA
Job Title: On-site Customer Service Representative
Pay: $20 per hour
Salary: Salary Negotiable
Experience and Education
High school graduation or GED and no experience required. Incumbent must obtain CPR certification within 90 days of employment.

Job Duties
1. Provides a welcoming presence at all entrances. Greets patients, their families and guests, in building lobbies or other patient care areas; provides escorts and wheelchair assistance, ensuring patient comfort and safety at all times.
2. Seeks to understand the needs of the internal and external customers; meeting and exceeding those needs. Serves as a liaison between patients, their families, friends and our medical staff. Performs other duties as required to provide fast and friendly genuine hospitality. Gives personal attention, takes personal responsibility and uses teamwork when providing guest services.
3. Responds to patients inquiries for information in person and over the telephone providing information regarding health care services; provides directions to various facilities and services (restrooms, dining, etc.).
4. Keeps current on UT Southwestern Campus information in order to answer phones, respond to requests & providing appropriate information as required. Respectfully interacts with emotionally ill patients and family members.
5. Works with Lead Patient Services Representatives to solve specific problems either on a one to one basis or in groups. Provides assistance to Lead Patient Services Representative to ensure successful business operations.
6. Demonstrates attention to detail, maintains confidentiality, demonstrates accuracy and thoroughness, follows policies and procedures, follows instructions, responds to leadership direction and arrives to work, meetings and appointments on time.
7. Communicates changes effectively, prepares and supports those affected by change, monitors transition and evaluates results and applies feedback to improve performance.
8. Listens, apologizes, finds a solution and follows through when resolving guest problems.
9. Gives personal attention, takes personal responsibility and uses teamwork when providing guest services.
10. Duties performed may include one or more of the following core functions: a) Directly interacting with or caring for patients b) Directly interacting with or caring for human subject research participants
Interested candidates please send resume to: Carriers@verifoneinc.com

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On-site Customer Service Representative
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