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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

New Treatment Study on Veteran Suicide and Families

There is a new study for suicidal Veterans and their loved ones. Many times families lack education on how their behavior can help avert or unknowingly aggravate suicidal thoughts/behavior. Families may worry about their relative but feel uncertain of how to help and need professional guidance. This new study features a brief intervention that contains four, 90-minute sessions with the Veteran and family member of his/her choice that aim to 1) educate families about suicide warning signs; 2) improve communication between the Veteran and family member, especially around suicidal thoughts; 3) involve the family in the veterans’ treatment to enhance support and trust; 4) provide families with coaching on how to assist their loved one to seek help. Veterans and family members must attend the intervention together. However, we do have a preliminary private interview we do with Vets and family members—they can do that individually if the intervention is not feasible for whatever reason. The Veteran must be registered with VA for healthcare to participate.
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