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Thursday, May 23, 2013

ONSITE OHS - Non US Licensed Radiologic Technologist

ONSITE OHS - Non US Licensed Radiologic Technologist

Non US Licensed Radiologic Technologist

World-Class Compensation Package!
Medical Coverage-100% Covered for Employee

Location: Various Non U.S. locations including Afghanistan and Djibouti
Progressive, employee-friendly Onsite OHS is seeking Non US Licensed X-ray Techs to provide X-ray services in Afghanistan and Djibouti.

Job Purpose:
Administers procedures and diagnostic evaluations of patients requiring X-Ray services. Utilizes the PACS system and other office equipment. Follows OHS policies and procedures regarding patient information documentation, confidentiality, and patient assessment, including communication of pain management needs. Maintains professional ethics standards, demonstrates professional attitude and behavior, and complies with corporate compliance requirements. Participates in performance improvement activities within the clinic and observes all safety and infection control practices. Meets customer service criteria. Radiation exposure is probable with patient or patient specimen interaction.

A. Performs diagnostic radiographic procedures on patients
               1. Ensures the correct procedure is being performed on the patient
               2.     Instructs and prepares patient for procedure and assures proper positioning.
               3.     Develops film by automatic or manual processing
               4.     Properly identifies film with patient identification 
               5.     Transports patients to and from the clinic   
B. Maintains equipment and necessary levels of radiology supplies
                1.     Checks supply levels and reorders supplies when required    
                2.     Cleans equipment
                3.     Assists with prevention and periodic maintenance and reports equipment problems to the supervisor
C.    Prepares reports and maintains records as directed  
                1.     Maintains records of patient visits and statistics
                2.     Files and retrieves films
                3.     Records and provides charges for procedures performed        
                4.     Prepares and maintains patient’s reports.    
D.  Follows aseptic procedures and procedures for using precautions when involved in direct patient contact or handling potentially infectious materials 
E.    Follows safety guidelines and policies
F.    Assists with Quality Control Program    
G.   Other duties as assigned   
        A.    Education: Graduate of an accredited program of Radiologic Technology
        B.    Personal Job-Related Skills: Knowledge of radiologic equipment and effective oral and written communication skills
        C.    Licensure, Registry or Certification: Registered with ARRT or ARCRT, current State License
                1. Prior Work Experience: One year as a registered Technologist preferred
                2. Technical Training: Emergency room experience preferred

Must have 1 active year of all required credentials to receive a position!

Interested NON US citizens please apply online at: https://ch.tbe.taleo.net/CH07/ats/careers/requisition.jsp;jsessionid=76ECBB1855A7D462E145093ED5680436.NA10_primary_jvm?org=ONSITEOHS&cws=1&rid=221.

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