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Monday, January 9, 2017

Mid Level Project Manager ID OK VA TX

Mid Level Project Manager ID OK VA TX

Project Manager – Mid Level
Locations: Boise, ID; Tulsa, OK; Clarksville, VA and Houston, TX

Requirements for Mid Level Project Manager ID OK VA TX:
Bachelor’s in Computer Science, MIS, Business, or related field
Clearance – Secret with Department of Defense
4-9 years of Project Management Experience with specific focus in scheduling, project management tools and project management methodologies.

Description for Mid Level Project Manager ID OK VA TX:
Plans, directs, and co-ordinates the team’s activities to manage and implement project and/or interrelated projects from contract/proposal initiation to final operational stage.
Determines, monitors, and reviews all project economics to includes costs, operational budgets, staffing requirements, resources and risk.
Leads the project team in determining client requirements and translating requirements into operational plans.
Identifies and assembles the appropriate blend of resources to meet project needs and requirements; manages subcontractors.
Plans, schedules, monitors, and reports on activities related to the project.
Develops project control and reporting procedures and manages changes in operational plan.
Undertakes status review meetings among project team members and clients.
Works with management on project proposals, bids, contracts, estimates, and schedules.
Coaches and advises team members to accomplish project goals, to meet established schedules, and resolve technical/operational issues.
Proactively influences customers to apply project planning methodologies.
Ensures adherence to legally binding requirements. Controls project requirements, scope, and change management issues.
Establishes appropriate metrics for measuring key project criteria.
Installs appropriate automated systems for management of projects.
Develops, proposes, and negotiates project proposals, quotations, and add-ons to leadership and the client.
Analyzes needs and recommends appropriate planning concepts and tools to be used for all facets of planning, scheduling, and tracking projects.
Analyzes project progress/costs and facilitates the development of recommended alternatives.
Integrates and uses project management methodologies.
Creates communication plans, ensuring that appropriate information is exchanged among key stakeholders.
Advises senior management on project management capability and risk.
Maintains awareness on emerging technologies and project management techniques.

Please send resume to jobs@tru-nor.com
or apply online http://www.truenorthlogistics.com/

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Mid Level Project Manager ID OK VA TX

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