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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Saturday October 29th there will be a Welcome Home for a Marine coming back from deployment to Iraq

This will be a surprise for him, which is a challenge for us to get word out, to say the least.
There will be a Motorcycle escort from JFK to PATCHOGUE, we will also have a stage at Oakdale (for any local riders that can’t make whole trip and 1st responder vehicles) when we're returning from airport along with a welcome committee on his block. 0926 hrs. is flight landing at JFK.
Staging: will be as follows - all times are subject to change by a lil. meet us where you can. 

Date: Saturday morning October 29th, 2016
0730 hrs. - leaving Ronkonkoma (the VAC) 2184 Pond Road, Ronkonkoma as we will be escorting his family’s vehicle to the airport
0750 hrs. – Peter pan diner (Bayshore) will only be a ride by on the service road to pick up any riders.
0900 hrs.:  Stage at Burger King (outside of JFK on rockaway Blvd.)
0915 hrs.:  JFK Terminal 8 / American Airlines
1030-1045 hrs.: Oakdale (Harley Davidson dealer on east bound service road): Please be ready to roll, we’ll contact you somehow to give you 5-minute notice
1045-1100 hrs.: Patchogue: The Marine will have family & friends gather over the N Ocean Ave overpass on Sunrise Hwy.
1045-1100 hrs.: Patchogue: anyone wishing to be on the welcoming committee near the Marines home, please assemble on the corners of Washington Ave and Phyliss Drive in Patchogue. We are hoping to have a contact here directing people how to line the street.
(it is hard to pinpoint times, as you never know how quick the plane de-boards or know what the traffic will be on the belt)
We can be in contact via texting (or if we have a cage with us) with warnings of when we be making the Oakdale and Patchogue locations.

Bring signs, Bring flags, Bring out your Patriotism as the Long Island Community always does
Thank the Marine for his service and wish him luck as he is running the Suffolk County marathon this weekend.
Please if you know who this Welcome Home is for please don't ruin the surprise, I've blocked him from my personal page to not see posts and the event that we created & sharing. Please invite all you know.
For updates: please check out the Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/184037772038112/

Please contact me if you can be a point person at any location.
Also, please contact me if you would like to add a ride by stage along the route in to jump in the escort (we will be using Sunrise Hwy to the merge, then SSP, to the Belt and reversed along way home)
On behalf of his Family, Thank You
Frank Bania
BOTGNY – Founder.

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Monday, October 24, 2016

Air Force Wounded Warrior CARE event/Career and Resource Fair - Washington, DC NOVEMBER




--CompTia to Develop a National IT Apprenticeship System

In July 2003, the U.S. Department of Labor awarded the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTia) $2,818,795 to expand the development of a National Information Technology Apprenticeship System
(NITAS) into an institutionalized, fully-operational and sustainable training model that will:

improve the productivity of American IT workers; lower the cost of hiring and training for American employers; and provide a structured approach to IT career development throughout the national workforce investment system.

Over the next five years, CompTia will provide funding of $3,795,072 to develop the infrastructure, IT Career Lattice (skill standards and work processes) and marketing strategies necessary to institutionalize and deploy NITAS for large-scale adoption by IT workers and employers.
By the end of the fifth year, almost 384,000 IT workers will have become Registered Apprentices and almost 6,700 employers will have become registered on-the-job learning providers. (was to actually begin around 2007; never happened. Remember, "Creating Futures"

Grant activities include the following:

complete build-out of four of the seven career tracks of the IT Career Lattice utilizing industry-based skill standards and certifications; implementation of a functional NITAS system using web enabled processes; and execution of Sales, Marketing, Operations, Public Relations, and Communications plans to integrate NITAS into IT employers and the public workforce system.

Benefits for American Employers

NITAS benefits for American employers include a learning methodology that:

attracts and retains high quality workers at lower costs; defines and creates a career path for mission critical skills; and provides access to a verified transcript of the applicant’s academic, on-the-job learning and certification records, and diagnostic reports regarding the qualifications of his/her own company workforce compared to industry and regional benchmarks.

Benefits to American Workers

Benefits to American workers include:

a structured approach to IT career development based on current industry standards; certifications and contextual learning; and a portable career transcript that presents all aspects of job performance to current and prospective employers.

NITAS provides a demand-driven, comprehensive and sustainable IT workforce model to the public workforce system to build its capacity and better leverage its resources to meet the current needs of IT employers, ensure their pipeline of skilled workers, and contribute to community economic growth.

CompTia is a proven, vendor-neutral IT industry leader that is concerned in improving the capacity of the country’s IT workforce.

Learn more about the program from CompTia.

Robert Wilson
President, Mil-Network

Military Network, ‘Professional Society of Warriors'

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/airbornecmldragon
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Airborne247th

Training / Certification / Sourcing / Consulting / Apprenticeship

America's Parade 2016



Friday, October 21, 2016

Member Services Officer-Teller CA

Member Services Officer-Teller CA

Currently there are openings available in multiple locations, including:
• Lompoc, CA
• Vandenberg Village/Lompoc, CA
• Vandenberg Village/Lompoc, CA (Call Center)
• Arroyo Grande, CA
• Atascadero, CA

The primary purpose of this job (Member Services Officer-Teller CA) is to assist the Credit Union to achieve its mission to make a difference in our neighbors’ lives.  This is accomplished by providing outstanding service to both internal and external members. An important element of this outstanding service is identifying the financial needs of the member and effectively suggesting solutions that will improve the member’s financial life.  Additionally, the Member Services Officer (Teller) performs a wide variety of member transactions and duties while providing friendly, accurate, responsive service to our members.

As Member Services Officer, some of your responsibilities will be to:
Performs basic teller transactions, such as but not limited to deposits, withdrawals, transfers, loan payments
Prepares authorized account changes
Processes money orders, traveler’s checks and other services
Explains, promotes and cross sells Credit Union services, products, programs and investment opportunities
Resolves errors, member problems and/or complaints in a timely manner
Accurately balances cash and coin and maintains appropriate cash level within limits

Also, some of the qualifications required for the job are:
Ability to calculate figures and amounts, such as interest, dividends and percentages
Ability to work cooperatively and establish and maintain effective work relationships while performing duties
Ability to perform duties accurately and timely, with frequent interruptions.
Ability to promote and maintain a positive image of the Credit Union to members and employees.
Ability to be bonded.

Please apply online for this position Member Services Officer-Teller CA
Visit Our Site
Member Services Officer-Teller CA

Please use the Quick Shares  below to send these career opportunities out to your social media sites to help others such as Facebook, Twitter>>>>>>>>>>>>.

When you get employed, reach back and help a fellow Service men and women over the wall.
What goes around, comes around. Help when and where you can.
You, a family member or friend could be next to need a job.

241st Marine Corps Birthday - Cake Cutting Ceremony

GUEST SPEAKER: US Marine Veteran Morgan Saginaw Grant

WHEN: Thursday, November 10, 2016, at 10 a.m.

WHERE: VA Long Beach Healthcare System bldg. 165, "The Egg"

CONTACT: Gabriel Gonzalez at 562-826-8000, ext. 23069...



Bronx Veteran Day

Thursday, October 20, 2016

FREE assistance for Veterans.

The Salute to American Veterans


Please join us for an evening of Celebration and Camaraderie as we come together for the benefit of the Joint Armed Forces and to acknowledge the  individuals, businesses, and organizations who make donations of time, effort, or a monetary contribution in order to assist our Active and Retired Military Personnel, and their families.
We are grateful for this Community of Caring that generously supports our Men and Women in the Armed Forces.
Saturday, November 12, 2016
GreenTree Country Club
538 Davenport Ave
New Rochelle NY  10801
Tickets:  $100.00
Please visit our online registration http://americanveteransball.org/avb2016-new-york

Fort Baltimore, Inc.


Fort Baltimore, Inc.

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce our company.  We are Fort Baltimore, Inc. a nonprofit 501c3, United States Armed Forces Service Members Resource Center.  Fort Baltimore, Inc. assists all US Armed Forces Service Members who volunteered or were drafted into any branch of the US Armed Forces including Reservist and National Guard, regardless of discharge or time in service. 
All United States Armed Forces Service Member’s will receive priority of service because they are our family, friends, and neighbors.  Fort Baltimore, Inc. will provide services to develop more leaders in our communities, with your help.  We must come together, and assist our United States Armed Forces Service Members to build solid life foundations before, during, and after deployments.  Please join Fort Baltimore, Inc. in protecting and defending or United States Armed Forces Service Members.   

Fort Baltimore, Inc. will provide turn around services to United States Armed Forces Service Members in filing disability and benefits claims, assist in obtaining educational and employment opportunities, and provide referrals for medical, legal, and all other services when needed.  Fort Baltimore. Inc.’s goal is to assist all United States Armed Forces Service Members with compassion and commitment in resolving issues that impede their progress in life, while promoting dignity and self-sufficiency.  

Fort Baltimore, Inc. can use your support in the following areas:

EVENT- Sunday Afternoon Jazz, October 30, 2016 at the Baltimore War Memorial
PARTNERSHIPS- Employers, Schools, Medical and Legal Services, or other life enhancing services
COMMUNICATION- Please share this email with all who can benefit from our services

You may visit our website at http://fortbaltimore.com/.   Should you be interested in this cooperation or have any questions in this regard, please feel free to give me a call at (443) 317-7688 or send me an email at moniquehawley@fortbaltimore.org.

Thank you very much, and we hope to receive your favorable response soon.


Monique Hawley
Executive Director

Military-Civilian Testimonial 10/20/16

AFK9 – African K9 Academy & Detection Service, LLC

How did you hear about Military-Civilian?
“When I was in Kandahar a friend sent me a link for Military-Civilian"


"Donate $22 Today Campaign": Give Veterans the gift of their own Production/Broadcast Studios in 2017, Donate $22

ALL VETERANS, FAMILY OF VETERANS, AND ALL EVERYONE ELSE…. I believe the veteran population is .05% of the population (US). The veterans you can help are those that will carry scars for life. A one time contribution of $22 in comparison, which can save a life, is not effort by the VA. This is an attempt to assist where the VA fails. One a day is failure! Don't you agree?  Will you also please forward to others you know? Please help and thanks!!  RW

(A Nonprofit organization with a 501 c 3. All Donations Are Tax Deductible.)
The Veterans Suicide Prevention Channel has initiated a new campaign to raise funds to build
a production/Broadcast studio that will benefit America's veterans  and their family members.
Funds raised will go towards the creation of a state of the Art film and Television Studio
capable of producing 10 to 15 shows and programs a week.
The shows and programs produced will be created with the intention to promote good mental, emotional and physical health to veterans and their family members. These shows  will be able to be accessed online in the privacy of their own homes.

Imagine being able to do Yoga, Tai Chi and practice Mindfulness every day from home.
We will also create entertainment shows for our viewers.

Our plan is to recieve $22 from 1 million people. This would generate enough in funding to make this plan a reality. We ask the you make a donation. Make a creative video about why you are doing it and challenge your friends from the same family, group, company or organization to do the same. We will post your video Facebook and on our website at: www.vspchannel.com.
Veterans Day is November 11, 2016.
Give veterans a gift that will last a lifetime and work towards improving their lives continually.

Glenn Towery, Chairman & Founder
Veterans Suicide Prevention Channel
Visionary & Humanitarian

Disabled Sports USA Eastern Sierra at Mammoth program offerings

Disabled Sports USA, Eastern Sierra at Mammoth is now accepting applications for their upcoming programs. 


K9 Business Development Representatives

K9 Business Development Representatives

AFK9 is a new beginning to a Safe and Secure Africa through detection & security training skills. AFK9 is a specialized company solely developed to minimize the threat of terrorist attacks associated with explosive devices through training and deployment of k9 teams all capable of using our project management systems.

We are the only company that is striving to become Africa’s solution to a much needed permanent and Professional canine training & detection Services. We hand select every handler, asset (dog), and conduct all training on-site with a daily record keeping system which tracks the positive as well as the negatives of every team to include any and all corrective actions implemented. This is done so as the client completely knows that he/she is receiving a quality team.

K9 Business Development Representatives
Title: Business Development Representatives/Business Point of Contact
Industry: Security&  K9  industry.
Company: AFK9 (African K9 academy & Detection services)
Location: Global
Job category: Business Rep, Poc, Contracting sourcing
Reporting to: CEO
Salary: Commission basis
Candidates should be, with a valid passport
1. Americans
2. Africans
3. NATO Member Counties.
They can work both remotely and from an office if they can travel to Africa.

Description for K9 Business Development Representatives
AFK9 (African K9 academy & Detection services), i.e. K9 security industry provides the following services;
K9 security guarding services,
K9 handlers training as career course,
Pet Dog obedience training services.
Contract Working dog training services,
Creating K9 security .units within any -existing private security company,
Trained & Green dog sales,
Family protection dog training and sales,
Explosives detector dog training EDD,
Narcotic  detector dog training NDD,
Patrol Explosives Detector Dog training PEDD,
Specialized K9 training services,
Dog handlers/Working dog teams, watch dogs, guard dogs, detector dogs etc

Key Responsibilities for K9 Business Development Representatives
Manage outbound and inbound sales efforts regarding K9 services. Primary focus will be building a Sales Channel for services sold to small, medium, and even large enterprise companies, including cloud-based and appliance based services.
Prospecting to find new potential clients, identify clients’ needs and propose effective sales strategies via phone, email, LinkedIn, and other creative avenues.
Build and manage a high quality lead and sales pipeline through account targeting, inbound lead follow up, prospecting and cold calling into a dedicated territory.
Work closely with the executive team and. sales management to ensure clear visibility into the direction and status of Sales Funnel.
Collaborate with Product and Marketing teams to improve sales efforts.
Achieve and exceed designated sales goals.

Qualifications and  Requirements for K9 Business Development Representatives:
1+ year mix of sales attainment focusing on enterprise-facing products/services
Ex-Military, Police & former foreign security operations is an added advantage.
Enterprise Account Management experience: establishing, building and maintaining relationships.
Technical familiarity with security environments and the products service companies sell on those platforms.
Ability to effectively communicate ideas with diverse technical and non-technical groups, spanning all organizational levels (including sales, marketing, engineering, and development)
Knowledge of network communication concepts.
Comfortable with prospecting and cold calling, closing sales over the phone and online
Must be proficient at conducting needs analysis.
At least diploma in a related field
Strong sense of accountability and ownership.

Send resume to: victoryk9services@gmail.com

K9 Business Development Representatives

Byaruhanga Victor.
K9 Trainer/Instructor.
AFK9.   www.afk9.com

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

New Treatment Study on Veteran Suicide and Families

There is a new study for suicidal Veterans and their loved ones. Many times families lack education on how their behavior can help avert or unknowingly aggravate suicidal thoughts/behavior. Families may worry about their relative but feel uncertain of how to help and need professional guidance. This new study features a brief intervention that contains four, 90-minute sessions with the Veteran and family member of his/her choice that aim to 1) educate families about suicide warning signs; 2) improve communication between the Veteran and family member, especially around suicidal thoughts; 3) involve the family in the veterans’ treatment to enhance support and trust; 4) provide families with coaching on how to assist their loved one to seek help. Veterans and family members must attend the intervention together. However, we do have a preliminary private interview we do with Vets and family members—they can do that individually if the intervention is not feasible for whatever reason. The Veteran must be registered with VA for healthcare to participate.