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Friday, March 29, 2019

TECHEXPO Top Secret Job Fairs

TECHEXPO Top Secret Job Fairs: TECHEXPO Top Secret Job Fairs cordially invites you to upgrade your career and earn your market worth at our exclusive hiring events for security-cleared professionals.
 tech expo 3 29 19

SAR Technicians for Afghanistan

SAR Technicians for Afghanistan: The SAR Technician (ST) for Afghanistan must have a minimum of 5 years’ experience as a USAF Pararescueman, US Army 18-D Special Forces Medic, or US Navy SEAL Medic. Be able to obtain a Defense Security Services clearance at a level of Secret.

CHSI SAR Flyer March2019 002

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Information Technologist - Middle East

Information Technologist - Middle East: An Information Technology Specialist may assist with the planning of various layouts and installations of new systems or equipment at all health service delivery locations in Iraq and ensure connectivity with DOS and other systems

Information Technologist - Middle East

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Seeking Property Maintenance Manager for Southern Pines NC 28388

Property Maintenance Manager for Southern Pines NC 28388: Moore County Living is seeking a local Property Maintenance manager to manager our properties in Southern Pines, NC 28387. We do not provide relocation assistance, to be considered please live locally. Salary DOE with gas allowance.
 Property Maintenance Manager for Southern Pines NC 28388

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

BANG MEETING 27 MARCH 2019 in Falls Church, VA

Business And Networking Group


27 March 2019
6:30 to 8:30 PM
The historic Clark House
6332 Barcroft Mews Drive
Falls Church, VA 22041

Our BANG meetings are open to all. Please feel free to bring friends. There will be a Spotlight Speaker presentation of general interest to the group and plenty of networking time with jobseekers, hiring managers and human resource professionals. See you at the BANG. Remember there always “jobs in the room.”

Spotlight Speaker for 27 March 2019 will feature a presentation by: Mike Bruni, Talent Acquisition Officer at Talent Acquisition Strategies, LLC, Reston, Virginia. Mike will speak to our BANG regarding Project SAVE and regional recruiting trends.

Mike Bruni is a Talent Acquisition Professional with over 20 years of experience. He is heavily experienced within the National Security Sector with an emphasis in Strategy, Sourcing, Capture, and Branding.

Mike is also the President of Project SAVE (Staffing Alliance of Virginia Employers) which is an organization catering to recruiters and networking
info@project-s-a-v-e.com . Project SAVE was founded by Gary Cluff in 1990. It has assisted Recruiters, HR Professionals, and job seekers for over 25 years. Project SAVE provides a free networking environment for individuals engaged in the Washington job market. At their monthly Project SAVE meetings the Group discusses current trends, new recruiting tools, and common problems. The SAVE Group shares job leads in HR and Recruiting on its web site, and shares resumes of individuals in transition. To learn more about monthly meetings, please visit and join Project SAVE’s Meetup Group at: http://www.meetup.com/http-www-cluffassociates-com/  or visit their website at www.project-s-a-v-e.com

The historic Clark House is adjacent to the Barcroft Plaza Shopping Center on Columbia Pike at the intersection with Lincolnia Road and Old Columbia Pike. Look for Harris Teeter and Starbucks in the shopping center on the corner at the traffic light. Upon entering the Barcroft Plaza Shopping Center stay on service road to east end of parking area. The Clark House is located at the entrance to a townhouse complex. The Clark House is a restored, late 1800’s Victorian farm house. There will be a sign in front. For additional information contact: Frank Wickersham III fgwickersham@vsecorp.com

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Female officer graduates from USMC Scout Sniper Unit Leaders course

by Stavros Atlamazoglou · January 19, 2019


A female Marine lieutenant has become the first woman in history to graduate from the United States Marine Corps (USMC) Scout Sniper Unit Leaders Course. Previously, the Marine officer, who is a candidate for a Ground Intelligence Officer (0203) Military Occupational Specialty (MOS), was the second female to successfully complete the Infantry Officer Course.


African Drumming Demonstration - Tomorrow at the Bronx VA Medical Center


Paws for Thought: 5 Things to Think About When Welcoming a Puppy Home

Awww, puppies – they’re fluffy, fun and full of love. But for every inch of cuteness, puppies are also darn hard work. They demand time, money and (above everything else) plenty of love and affection.
So there’s actually plenty to consider (and prepare) if you’re soon to welcome a new four legged friend into your home.

1. Get ready for the nipping, chewing and biting

Puppies have are incredibly inquisitive nature (and by virtue of this, they also have an appetite for chewing on sofas, shoes and just about anything else that takes their fancy).
At first, they’ll explore their boundaries by chewing up your personal items right in front of you. And as they gradually begin to learn that this behavior is met with a firm “no”, they’ll move on to chewing things out of your sightline (so you’ll need to keep a beady eye on them at all times – or move things out of their reach!).
It’s important that you hop onto this behavior while they’re in the act. Dogs can’t comprehend being disciplined for things that have happened a while back (even with you pointing at a slobbered up, chewed up shoe).
You could also try dousing your items with bitter apple spray, which is odorless, but leaves an unsavory tangy taste in the mouth.
Finally, bear in mind that dogs don’t chew and bite things to be naughty. They could also be teething, and it can be a sign of malnutrition or hunger.

2. Puppy-safe zone your home

While your new recruit is in training, you may want to consider zoning your house off. Many new dog owners buy baby gates and play pens, which protect certain rooms and create a safe space while they’re home alone.

3. Feed me, feed me! – How much?!

Puppy tummies are rumbling for food practically all the time. In fact, they actually need feeding as much as four times the amount as a fully-grown adult dog! But this isn’t so surprising when you consider that pups should be gaining at least one to two grams per adult pound per day.
There are special formulas of dog food for pups – and with good reason, too; they are enriched with vitamins, minerals and fats, as well as including a higher protein content.
You should also do your research into the breed of your dog, as some have unique dietary needs compared to others.

4. Walkies!! – How often?”

Pups generally require around 5 minutes of exercise per month of age until they’ve reached adulthood (at which time they’ll be able to get out and about for longer periods).
Some breeds – like huskies, border collies, boxers and dalmatians – will require more exercise than most (so it’s well-worth doing your research before deciding which breed you can commit to).
You’ll also need to bear in mind your pup’s jabs. Most vets don’t recommend letting your pup out until one week following their second jab. But don’t worry – if they’re yet to be fully inoculated, you can still play with them and exercise them at home.

5. Goodbye, farewell – is this forever??!?!

Puppies can be notoriously prone to separation anxiety. Training is the first step to showing your dog that you WILL return. This simply involves leaving them in a safe room, saying goodbye, and waiting outside. Do not return until your pup has stopped whimpering or barking. Once they’ve calmed down, enter the room, praise them and give them a treat.
Repeat this process over and over until they know that:
  1. There’s no need to shout and stress
  2. You ARE coming back
  3. It’s far better if they remain calm and collected
FOMO bones also help when the time comes to actually leave them all alone. With all-natural CBD, your dogs natural levels of calming cannabinoids are about to get a welcome boost.
FOMO Bones contain passion flower (for topping up their GABA, which can become depleted in stressful situations); Valerian Root (a herbal plant with mild sedative properties) and Chamomile (the white flower known for soothing nerves and lulling you to sleep).

This article by Jennifer is originally published at FOMO Bones.

Author bio: Jennifer is the voice behind the FOMO Bones blog. She's pretty sure in her past life, she was a Great Dane. However, we peg her as more of a labrador. Regardless of her breed, she's a dog enthusiast who has 15 years experience training dogs and owners.

6 Signs of Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Any dog owner will have experienced the feelings of guilt when leaving their four-legged friend alone even for just a short amount of time. While it is completely natural for dogs to miss us and want us to come home as soon as possible, some dogs suffer severe cases of separation anxiety on a different level. Not only does this make going out on our own somewhat of a chore, but it also can cause your dog problems, not to mention your couch, shoes, table… the list goes on! Fortunately, there is now a completely natural way to ease separation anxiety and reduce the symptoms of anxiety in dogs using CBD treats.
If you are a new dog owner, keep an eye out for these seven signs of canine separation anxiety in the dog’s behavior, so you can manage their nervous demeanor before it becomes too severe.

Your Dog Suddenly Learns to Sing

Well, not quite. One of the primary signs of severe separation anxiety and distress in dogs is excessive howling or barking, as well as destructive chewing. While all dogs feel sad when they see their parents walk out the door, howling and/or scratching at the door trying to desperately follow you is a red flag that you need to take notice of.

You Come Home to An Accident

If your dog is already potty trained and provided you are meeting their bathroom needs and taking them out frequently, they shouldn’t feel the need to pee inside and it shouldn’t cause distress. Understandably, if you are gone for hours and hours, then an accident here and there is bound to happen. However, if you are normally only gone for an hour or two and you always come home to a pee or poop on your white sheepskin carpet, then something is definitely up. This is a common symptom of separation anxiety in dogs and we suggest consulting a dog behaviorist or professional dog trainer for further advice, treatment, and possible medication.

Destruction and Devastation

The strongest warning sign of separation anxiety and distress and, without a doubt, one of the worst is destructive behavior while you are out, even for short periods. If you regularly come home to find your furniture chewed up and your shoes destroyed, it won’t be hard to pinpoint the culprit. Many dog owners choose to crate train their dogs and they still often come home to find that Fido has broken free and destroyed his crate and everything around it.

Frantic Panting

Dog lovers will all agree that fireworks and thunderstorms are two things that the world could do without when it comes to the effects they can have on dogs. Think back to the last time you snuggled up by the fire with a glass of red wine in hand, all ready to settle in for the night to the sound of thunder… and then your dog just completely freaked out, panting excessively, hiding, crying—all of the things a pet parent never wants to see! The same is true with many dogs when they experience separation anxiety; they start panting like crazy usually just as they see you putting your shoes on to leave.


Another sign of anxiety in dogs can be repetitive pacing in the same pattern. Your dog might sometimes do this when you are home. However, if you notice that your pooch is frequently pacing more often than normal, you need to address it.

Clingy Behavior

There is a saying about dogs that goes something like this: “you will never pee alone again!” This is definitely true for the majority of us dog lovers and is usually completely normal behavior. What isn’t normal per se is, if your dog suddenly starts being ultra clingy and possessive. While almost every dog wants to be by our side, most do have a small degree of independence at times. This can be something as simple as laying by the side of the bed instead of on it (and on top of you!) or in their own bed while you are sitting on the couch. A major telltale sign of separation anxiety is if they have to be on top of you all the time or they start barking or crying.
OK, by now you have probably realized that your dog has separation anxiety in one form or another. Here are a few pointers of what you can do to try and soothe them so you can leave the house with a clear conscience and not worry about leaving them alone in the future.
       Speak to a dog trainer about crate training and overcoming problem behaviors
       Start by leaving them alone for just 15 minutes before returning and increase the time gradually so they know you are coming home
       Consult your vet to rule out any underlying health issues
       Ensure they get plenty of exercise every day
       Make sure they have their own “safe” place to comfort them
       Try leaving an item of your clothing in their bed while you are out
The above list is quite basic and, of course, there is no guarantee that any of those things will work and if your dog’s separation anxiety is getting worse, then keep reading.

Using CBD to Treat Anxiety in Dogs

Fortunately, if your pup is experiencing separation anxiety for long periods and you have tried everything under the sun, but nothing works, there is a solution—and a downright effective one at that! Along with mental stimulation, CBD treats are a tasty way to stop your dog’s separation anxiety once and for all. It has been proven that giving your dog a treat as a part of positive reinforcement can hugely strengthen your already rock-solid bond while also giving him an all natural, therapeutic way to ease his nerves and his feeling of being anxious meltaway. CBD oil has been proven to work to heal a wide range of emotional and physical ailments, but most people agree the taste is not great. These natural and completely organic CBD dog treats are worth checking out, as thousands of dog owners around the globe and clicking onto the fact that CBD dog treats actually work when nothing else seems to.

This article by Jennifer is originally published at FOMO Bones.

Author bio: Jennifer is the voice behind the FOMO Bones blog. She's pretty sure in her past life, she was a Great Dane. However, we peg her as more of a labrador. Regardless of her breed, she's a dog enthusiast who has 15 years experience training dogs and owners.