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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Construction Program Analyst Washington DC

Construction Program Analyst Washington DC

POSITION DESCRIPTION – Construction Program Analyst  Washington DC – Close date Jan 12
Location: PMS397C OHIO Replacement Construction Organization, Washington Navy Yard, Washington D.C.
Level: Mid
Onsite: Yes

*HOT FILL* Close date: 1/12/16 

PMS397C Overview:

PMS 397 oversees the design, construction, and delivery of the OHIO Replacement. PMS397C is the lead for construction activities for the OHIO Replacement and coordination with the UK SUCCESSOR programme for activities required enabling construction of the Common Missile Compartment (CMC) by UK Industry.

Purpose of Position/Major Duties:

The Construction Program Analyst reports to the OHIO Replacement Construction Manager (PMS397C) and performs the following duties:

1. Leads the effort to document, track and adjudicate construction Deviations, Vendor Information Requests and Engineering Reports provided by the Shipbuilder during the construction of the OHIO Replacement Program. This effort will require liaison with the NAVSEA 05 Technical Warrant Holders and other stakeholders, including the UK, Strategic Systems Program (SSP) and Naval Reactors as required, ensuring timely resolution and tracking of disposition.

2. Facilitates and assists in liaison with UK Ministry of Defence and UK shipbuilders in the execution of coordinating activities overseen by the joint US/UK Design Build Integrated Management Team (DBIMT). Additionally, coordinates with the various Program Integration Teams and Working Groups to develop, status and execute their Forward Action Plans in support of the overall goals of the DBIMT.

3.  Work with the technical and financial groups within the Program Office to analyze and arbitrate emergent material and Government Furnished Equipment (GFE) issues. This involves the identification of potential solutions and an evaluation of technical, cost, and schedule implications of each viable solution. Evaluates production delivery status of selected systems and equipment based on reviews of production status reports, and assesses the technical, schedule, and cost risk to the program.

4.  Conduct detailed analysis of shipbuilder’s construction planning. These include evaluation of required resources, facilities and build spans to identify potential conflicts areas and manufacturing risk areas.

Knowledge Required by the Position:
1. Familiarity with processes to accept non-conformances on current Navy Shipbuilding Programs
2. Familiarity with current Submarine Construction Processes
3. Knowledge of Submarine Safety (SUBSAFE) Requirements Manual (NAVSEA 0924-062-0010)
4. Knowledge of NAVY shipboard systems and DOD acquisition programs
5. Knowledge of the NAVY correspondence manual, English grammar and NAVSEA letter writing practices.

Physical Demands:
Travel to Electric Boat and other stakeholder locations two times a month, or as required (approximately 25% travel).

Secret security clearance

Employer: DOTMLPFI, Inc. (www.dotmlpfi.com)
Please send resume to: belke_tom dotmlpfi.com

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Construction Program Analyst Washington DC
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