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Thursday, January 28, 2016

VA Loma Linda

As of Tuesday, December 1, 2015, VA Loma Linda’s Veterans Express Transit System (V.E.T.S.) will be providing free transportation to Veterans in southern Riverside County!!!! The VA operated, 30 passenger bus will run Monday-Friday, except on holidays and will pick up Veterans (and their family members/caregiver) from 3 pick-up points: Perris Transit Center, Murrieta CBOC, and the Moreno Valley Mall. The bus only stops at theses designated pick-up points and will bring Veterans straight to the main entrance of the VA Loma Linda and includes round-trip!  In case you did not know, it normally takes Veterans traveling from Murrieta or Hemet, approximately 3.5 hrs to take a fixed route bus to the VA Loma Linda. With this express transportation service, Veterans can now get to their appointments from those areas in approximately 1 hour of less. The bus arrives to the VA daily at approximately 9am and leaves at 3:00pm sharp! See the attached V.E.T.S. booklet for additional information. Reservations can be made at x2835. Please spread the word to staff and all of your Veterans! 
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