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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Veteran Computer Boot Camp to be held November 9 & 10


We are having a special session of the Computer Boot Camp just for Veterans in celebration of Veteran's Day next week.  We have only a short time to locate and enroll up to ten veterans for this class.  It will be held at the Kern County Veterans Services Department located at 1120 Golden State Hwy.

Please comb your case files, interest your intakes.  We need Veterans who are either recently separated or who qualify for the 1014 Job Driven NEG.  If they are not recently separated they must qualify as dislocated workers under the Job Driven NEG, have been unemployed for 26+ weeks and come from or are training in one of the following industry clusters:

Healthcare, Manufacturing, Energy and Natural Resources, Construction,Transportation and Logistics, Agri - Business, Water Technology
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