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Monday, November 16, 2015

Needs survey for the Fund for Veterans Assistance

TexVet.org - Needs survey for the Fund for Veterans Assistance

Dear Lucy Jensen;
Texas State University is conducting a needs survey to aid the Texas Veterans Commission in prioritizing grant applications for the Fund for Veterans Assistance.  The survey will help the TVC how to distribute funding to best serve Texas veterans and their families.  The survey effort is being conducted by researchers at Texas State University.  Please click here for the survey  - it will only take five or ten minutes.


 We want to hear from as many veterans and family members of veterans as possible, so we encourage any veterans/family members to share the link. We want to hear from all types of veterans and family members (as long as they are in Texas)
The survey is fairly short - it should average about 5-10 minutes.  Your effort will help direct the millions of dollars granted to assist Texas non-profits and other organizations in supporting Texas Veterans and their families.  Thank you.
Very Respectfully;

TexVet Initiative
O: 512-341-4924
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