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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Teach Safety/Homeland Security Awareness

Teach Safety/Homeland Security Awareness

Veterans Needed to Teach Safety and Homeland Security Awareness For All USA Locations

•Wisdom Warrior’s primary goal is to build knowledge about homeland safety and security. Experienced veterans who have served and are passionate about continuing a mission of freedom fighting will teach this program utilizing a power point presentation developed and updated by Wisdom Warriors. TRAP (Terrorist Recruitment Awareness Program) covers today’s issues regarding radical groups who prey among Americans for purposes of disruption. We would like to provide this awareness in schools, work places, public and private venues.

•Opportunity opened for all veterans who are self-motivated and believe in continuing a mission of homeland safety and security.

•Veterans will be contractors of Wisdom Warriors and will conduct presentations as well as market the presentations to venues.

•These contract positions can develop into a full time contract job.

•This contract position can be an interim/part time position used for extra income or to build resumes for transitions to other employment being sought.

•This position can be taught solo or in tandem as a team of 2 veterans. The veteran presenter(s) can personalize all presentations with his or her experiences in the military.

•This position is an IRS 1099 position and will be treated as a contract position.

•Each presentation should be charged $500 for small groups but typically $1000 and above for larger venues. Veterans can negotiate the costs of the programs but should maintain the suggested costs as mentioned. Each veteran will be paid 45% of the total cost of each presentation and send the remaining 55% to Wisdom Warriors.

•Wisdom Warriors has a full time support clinician on staff that is available to assist veterans and veteran families.

•The goal is to build this company with veteran power and pride. It was designed for the veterans who have served. All contractors will be trusted members of the Wisdom Warrior Team.

•Wisdom Warriors staff will conduct phone interviews prior to employment agreements.

Please review the Wisdom Warriors web page and contact us per our email with a resume, contact information and a short email of your interests in becoming a contractor for this mission.


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Teach Safety/Homeland Security Awareness

Teach Safety/Homeland Security Awareness
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