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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Warehouse Specialist Lead

Warehouse Specialist Lead Warehouse Specialist Lead
a Perfect Opportunity For Former Military

Location: Susquehanna, PA

Description For Warehouse Specialist Lead:
The Warehouse Specialist Lead serves as working leader over employees engaged in a wide variety of distribution and warehousing duties involving receiving, storing, issue, shipment, and distribution of a variety of bin and bulk materials, equipment, and commodities using mechanized, automated, and manual material moving equipment, devices, and systems. Distributes and balances workload to improve work flow or to accommodate unexpected work surges. Checks work in progress. Answers workers questions regarding procedures, policies, written instructions, and other directions. Informs workers of changes in policies and procedures. Spot checks completed work for compliance with the Task Order on work sequence, procedures, methods, and deadlines. Ensures work is done properly and efficiently IAW the terms and condition of the contract and Task Order. Warehouse Specialist. Uses DSS, must have MHE license, and be capable of operating forklifts with 4K, 6K, 10K and 15K capacity and Wire Guided Warehouse Cranes.

Requirements For Warehouse Specialist Lead:
Candidates shall have a minimum of two years related experience, of which one year shall be using the type of equipment to be operated, or specializing in required expertise.  Material handling equipment (MHE) operators will be required to obtain and maintain a valid operating permit for the specific type of MHE (4K, 6K, 10K and 15K capacity) operated during the performance period.
Employees must have a valid driver’s license and minimum education of HS Diploma or GED.

Please send resume to jobs@tru-nor.com
or apply online http://www.truenorthlogistics.com/

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Warehouse Specialist Lead

Warehouse Specialist Lead
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