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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Tickets for Troops

California Department of Veterans Affairs
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October 27, 2015

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Tickets for Troops

Working with sports teams, event venues and season ticket holders, OCC has distributed tens of thousands donated tickets to military families and veterans in the San Francisco Bay area and Northern California, free of charge. 

Since 2004, Operation: Care and Comfort has worked with professional and college sports teams, entertainment venues, and promoters to send thousands of troops, reservists, veterans and their immediate families to events—free! OCC also partners with northern California sports teams to hold military appreciation/Support Our Troops games. We charge no services charges, no mailing costs—the tickets are absolutely FREE!

If you are military active duty, reservist, veteran, military retiree or a Gold Star Family located in California, you may sign up to be included on our list for complimentary tickets to local sporting and entertainment events. Donated tickets are often last minute or on game day, so please give us the best phone numbers to reach you! We currently announce new tickets on our Facebook page- OCC.USA. Check daily then follow the instructions posted to request tickets.

New and last minute ticket announcements are often posted on our Facebook page (OCC.USA), so please join. Follow us on Twitter, too! (OperationCandC)

If you are a season ticket holder of any of the bay area sports teams (college sports, as well) or a subscriber to the opera, musical theatre, etc. you may donate tickets to the OCC's Ticket for Troops program, and we will give them to local military personnel, veterans and their immediate families.

Ticket donations are tax deductible, and you will receive a receipt for your donation. Tickets may be emailed (preferred), or mailed (contact information below.)

Even if your desire to help occurs at the last minute, please call and we will do our best to honor your donation—even hours before a game!

Your organization or company may also show their support of our troops by donating funds, which will be used to purchase tickets for local military families. This is a great way to support families for the advertised Support Our Troops games, and remember, your gift is tax deductible.

Please note that we ask you for your work or home email; do not use your military email, as tickets as attachments are sometimes stripped. Please limit ticket number request to your dependents only. Tickets are limited, and must never be sold or bartered.

For more information or to be placed on a ticket list please go to https://www.occ-usa.org/tickets-for-troops/

Visit the CalVet website at www.calvet.ca.gov.
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