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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Please join Military-Civilian resume data base.

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Please do not attach any qualifications/certificates/SS# or DD214 papers until requested by a company recruiter.

Please use the keyword field to highlight your work experience!

All resumes will be approved before publishing in the Military-Civilian resume data base
Posting a resume in the Military-Civilian data base does not guarantee employment.

All resumes must be current to remain posted in the resume data base. All resumes that have not be updated and re-uploaded after 90 days will be removed.

You will receive an automatic renewal notice via email on the 85th day of posting and a 5 day window to do this as we do not want out of date/old resumes in the Military-Civilian data base.

When you get employed, reach back and help a fellow Service men and women over the wall. What goes around, comes around. Help when and where you can. You, a family member or friend could be next to need a job.

Please feel free to contact me.

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