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Friday, October 14, 2016

National Veterans Foundation

Veteran Service Officers will help you navigate the DVA’s bureaucracy, and their services are free. They will help with gathering the information necessary to support a claim, filing the claim, and tracking the claim through the VA system. They can also assist with filing appeals for denied claims.

We strongly recommend that you make use of the services provided by Veteran Service Officers. Their expertize can help you avoid the pitfalls and delays that missing paperwork or improperly filled out claim forms can cause.

As a convenience, we have provided direct links to the service organizations with nationwide networks, and to the State offices that provide claim representation. You can use those links to find Veteran Service Officers near you. Alternatively, you can call us at 888 777-4443 and we will help you locate a VSO.

Veteran Service Organizations

The VA maintains  a complete listing of Veteran Service Organizations that provide claim representation. You can see a complete listing the VA’s website here. If you already have an ongoing relationship with one of those organizations, we suggest you contact them for information about local representatives.

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