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Monday, October 24, 2016


--CompTia to Develop a National IT Apprenticeship System

In July 2003, the U.S. Department of Labor awarded the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTia) $2,818,795 to expand the development of a National Information Technology Apprenticeship System
(NITAS) into an institutionalized, fully-operational and sustainable training model that will:

improve the productivity of American IT workers; lower the cost of hiring and training for American employers; and provide a structured approach to IT career development throughout the national workforce investment system.

Over the next five years, CompTia will provide funding of $3,795,072 to develop the infrastructure, IT Career Lattice (skill standards and work processes) and marketing strategies necessary to institutionalize and deploy NITAS for large-scale adoption by IT workers and employers.
By the end of the fifth year, almost 384,000 IT workers will have become Registered Apprentices and almost 6,700 employers will have become registered on-the-job learning providers. (was to actually begin around 2007; never happened. Remember, "Creating Futures"

Grant activities include the following:

complete build-out of four of the seven career tracks of the IT Career Lattice utilizing industry-based skill standards and certifications; implementation of a functional NITAS system using web enabled processes; and execution of Sales, Marketing, Operations, Public Relations, and Communications plans to integrate NITAS into IT employers and the public workforce system.

Benefits for American Employers

NITAS benefits for American employers include a learning methodology that:

attracts and retains high quality workers at lower costs; defines and creates a career path for mission critical skills; and provides access to a verified transcript of the applicant’s academic, on-the-job learning and certification records, and diagnostic reports regarding the qualifications of his/her own company workforce compared to industry and regional benchmarks.

Benefits to American Workers

Benefits to American workers include:

a structured approach to IT career development based on current industry standards; certifications and contextual learning; and a portable career transcript that presents all aspects of job performance to current and prospective employers.

NITAS provides a demand-driven, comprehensive and sustainable IT workforce model to the public workforce system to build its capacity and better leverage its resources to meet the current needs of IT employers, ensure their pipeline of skilled workers, and contribute to community economic growth.

CompTia is a proven, vendor-neutral IT industry leader that is concerned in improving the capacity of the country’s IT workforce.

Learn more about the program from CompTia.

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