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Monday, September 5, 2016

Testimonial 9/5/16

Ahh... Sweet Lucy! You done good! Two days with our work out there in the ether and I have already had the opportunity to talk the ear off of four SOLID candidates for the MREO positions that I am looking to fill. It is unfortunate that none of these ex-military guys have the licenses that they are going to need before we can put them to work, but I am also willing the play "the long game", meaning that even though I can't have them today, I think they will be ready to go in six to twelve months, which is better than what I had in hand just last week. Of the five that you have sent so far, four certainly deserved immediate answers. THANK YOU for that! Barry

Lucy, this response has been SO positive that you can use me in any way that you choose!  Go for it!

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