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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Military-Civilian Military Community

Military-Civilian Military Community
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* About Us
Helping veterans find meaningful, gainful employment after their service to our country is our driving passion, because we believe they deserve more than merely our thanks for their sacrifices.

* Our Military Civilian Community
works to connect military veterans and their families seeking civilian jobs with companies who have open career opportunities. If you or anyone in your network is looking for work either stateside or overseas, I encourage you to check out the job posts in the Careers Directory of my site http://www.military-civilian.com. All career postings are free to view, with no login required, and you can submit your resume directly there. You can also sign up for our “Military-Civilian Career ENewsletter ” or RSS feeds to get all our job posts straight to your inbox – this you need to do from Military-Civilian Blog page, or join our Hot Jobs for Veterans and their Families group on LinkedIn. Thanks for the opportunity to share this–the more we spread the word, the more veterans we can help find jobs!

* Website – About Military Civilian
Companies post descriptions of their open jobs on our Careers Directory. It is free to view job postings, and candidates may submit their resumes directly to the hiring representative of the company.

* ENewsletter – About Military Civilian Community
Join our mailing list to receive our “Military-Civilian Career ENewsletter”  Make your job search easier and receive postings straight to your inbox, along with news about upcoming hiring events! click here to sign up and start receiving job information, you can use the Quick Social Shares and share this ENewsletter to all you social shares such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.. To make your search more selective you can sign up for General Interest, Healthcare Careers and or Job Fairs.

* Join Military Civilian Community social media sphere, we share all jobs, upcoming career fairs, and other relevant content on these sites You can find us on The Blog page, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Pinterest, Google + and Instagram If you are active on any of these sites, please  share with others in your social networks

* Join our Military Civilian Community to share Careers, Education, Job Fairs, Franchises and much more with your military social network. It’s all about sharing!
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