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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Machinists Mechanics Electricians Supervisors








Machinists Mechanics Electricians Supervisors

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Crown is one of the world’s premier manufacturers of packaging materials and is seeking Machinists Mechanics Electricians Supervisors for various location across the USA . Building on a tradition of innovation, quality and cost control, we are striving to reach even greater heights as we provide diversified packaging solutions and services to meet our customers’ needs.

We have several manufacturing locations in the United States and we look for experience to fill our positions. These positions are nationwide.

Some of the positions we are looking for;

Machinists – Tool and Die expertise and various fabrication needs
Mechanics – Operating and repairing large presses and equipment
Electricians – Troubleshooting power distribution issues, programing and systems installations
Supervisors – Leading people to perform at the highest level

If interested please send us a note with your resume and job title on subject line:

For more information on Crown Cork and Seal, please visit our website at www.crowncork.com

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Crown History

Crown has a long history of leading the industry with innovative packaging technology. From the time our founder William Painter invented the bottle cap to the ground-breaking SuperEnd™ beverage ends to today’s cutting edge shaping technology, Crown has led the way.


We owe our success to a legacy of leadership and invention that began in 1892 when our founder, William Painter, invented a better way to package soft drinks and beer. Painter’s vision revolutionized the bottling industry. His ingenuity, and the leadership of those who came after him, helped to build Crown Holdings, Inc. into the world-class company it is today.

Today, Crown Holdings, Inc. manufactures packaging products from 139 plants located in 41 countries. In over 100 years of growth and diversification, we have never lost sight of our core business: continuously improving the quality of our packaging products, while keeping costs as low as possible.

1892-A New Industry

Foreman and inventor William Painter patents the ‘crown cork’ and soon thereafter starts the Crown Cork & Seal Company of Baltimore.

Machinists Mechanics Electricians Supervisors

For more information on Crown History please visit our site

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Machinists Mechanics Electricians Supervisors
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