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Tuesday, September 9, 2014



A gold heart veterans advocate inspires with kindness, encourages dreams into reality, and changes lives, hearts and minds with a yellow pad and pen, a computer and a cell phone.
They bring perspective, well-conceived ideas and strategies to reach out to the military/veterans community with a heart of servitude. People with hearts of gold are pathological wishful thinkers. They understand the importance of creating political sensitivity and build a political momentum on behalf of vets. Through mission focus, adaptive leadership, critical thinking, self-education of veterans issues, immersion in the political process,
and, personal resolve they are committed to veterans' causes . Gold Hearts understand that their greatest purpose is inspiration. They bug the crap out of elected officials. Gold hearts are a special kind of thunder and lightning and collectively insist that we keep our promise to those who serve, have served and to their families. Why? Because freedom means the world to the world. We will never forget those who have paid the high cost of freedom.

Michael Hivnor

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