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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Military-Civilian Civilian Divide

A squad of long-distance military runners are on a cross-country campaign to help teach civilians how to interact better with veterans.
Their battle cry: Charging civilians to go beyond the usual “thank for you service.”

The group is made up of University of Delaware ROTC cadets and two freshly-minted Army second lieutenants. They call themselves Team Reviresco, Latin for renewal.

“Too many veterans feel like their sacrifice wasn’t worth anything, because no one seems interested in what they did,” says the team's co-founder 2nd Lt. David J. Dinerman. “The problem is, most civilians don’t know how to start that conversation.”

Operating out of a converted school bus that operates as their rolling home and support station, this is the third major cross-country run they’ve done since forming the group three years ago. Most of the miles are covered relay-style, with runners swapping out about every five miles.

He says the group runs to draw attention to the need, but also to actually teach people along the way.

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