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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Gas Meter Technicians Jeffersonville Indiana

Gas Meter Technicians Jeffersonville Indiana

Gas Meter Technicians for Jeffersonville, IN 47199 we are hiring local candidates within a 50 mile radius from this zip code.Compensation: $14.50/hour plus cash incentive.
Benefits plan available after 60 days on the team.

Gas Meter Technicians Jeffersonville Indiana
We are looking for 40 new team members ready to start work. We want people who aren’t afraid of a challenge and like to be a contributing member of a TEAM. We work hard and have fun. We work with our hands out in nearly all weather conditions. We are motivated and competitive as hell. We always follow through with what we start. We are fast pace and detail oriented. Our Team Members don’t need close supervision because we are all “A” players and self-starters.

If your first thought just now was to pause a few seconds before going on, then this job is likely not for you. If you think, “Heck, I need a job, so I’ll just apply and see what happens.” Or if you are looking for a place to hang out and pick up a check – Stop now and look somewhere else. We don’t want you. This is NOT the place for you, so please don’t waste our time or yours.

We are a fast moving and progressive company that focuses on growth. Frontline Support Solutions was founded by a US Army Veteran who surrounds himself with disciplined and focused people. We want people like us to join the team. We show up on time, every day, and we’re ready for the next challenge. We want people who can’t remember the last time they called in sick. To us failure is not an option. We want people that are able to read and write in English. Not like a professor or such, but someone who can communicate in writing, and fully understand a “Want Ad” like this one.

About this Job:
The primary responsibility of a Gas Meter Technician is to drive and walk an assigned route, stopping to retrofit a customer’s old conventional gas meter with new smart meter technology. The job requires the use and care of small hand tools such as a wrenches, screw drivers, and similar tools. Additionally, the technician employs methods and techniques required in repairing and operating small mechanical devices. Frontline Support Solutions will offer Classroom and On-the-Job training to all selected Candidates. The result will be team member who will become skilled tradesman. Knowledge of the Jeffersonville, IN area preferred. The ability to speak Spanish is a plus. US Military Veterans are absolutely encouraged to apply.

Once trained, you will be expected to:
•Pass a meter reading test
•Pass a utility required online test
•Read meters and operate in the Itron FDM system for exchanging natural gas meters and relighting\inspecting customer appliances
•Perform meter inspections with recognition of atmospheric corrosion
•Use leak detectors as well as natural senses (smell), locate gas leaks inside and outside, and decide on appropriate action and document actions taken.
•Effectively and courteously communicate with customers, clients, or the general public in a face-to-face setting
•Complete all work in an organized timely manner
•Work in a variety of weather conditions with exposure to the elements
•Work safely without presenting a direct threat to self or others
•Demonstrate safe, self-motivated, high quality work practices in a teamwork minded atmosphere.

Physical Requirements For Gas Meter Technicians Jeffersonville Indiana:
They are very simple; If you get winded walking up two flights of stairs or have trouble carrying a large bag of dog food from the end of the driveway into your house don’t even bother applying. This job requires you to walk, kneel, stand, squat, bend, crouch, waist twist, climb stairs, reach at or above shoulder height, reach below shoulder height, lift and carry 60 lbs., simple grasp, repetitive hand/arm/wrist use, and use of protective equipment.

Money Details For Gas Meter Technicians Jeffersonville Indiana:
Hourly, Full time position only, $14.50 hourly rate plus cash incentive. Overtime available.

Education / Aptitude Requirements For Gas Meter Technicians Jeffersonville Indiana:
High School Diploma or equivalent.

•Mechanical aptitude required
•Basic math skills required
•Ability to read and understand maps and/or effectively use GPS devices
•Proficient in the use of PC systems, and hand held computers like a tablet or small laptop

Finally, there are a few non-negotiables For Gas Meter Technicians Jeffersonville Indiana.
•We won’t hire you if you don’t have a valid driver’s license, or don’t have clean record for the past two (2) years.
•We won’t hire you if you haven’t maintained a driver’s license for at least five (5) years.
•We won’t hire you if you can’t pass a drug test.
•We won’t hire you if you’ve been convicted of a DUI/DWI within the last five (5) years.

We won’t hire you if you’ve been convicted of a charge of Violence Against Women or Children (Domestic Violence).

If you can honestly say you meet all these requirements –  you must complete a short term survey in order for your resume to be considered.

P.S. So, if you finished reading this really long want ad and you see that it pretty much describes you – You are a bad ass. You are someone we want to speak to – Now. You’re the kind of person we want on our TEAM.

Please go to the link below and fill out a short Team Member Survey. If you are unable to click the link please copy it and paste into your browser. Use a laptop or tablet to complete the survey – smart phones won’t work. Thank you and we look forward to receiving your survey.Here is the link to your survey: https://goo.gl/jJQrHY

After completing this survey and you have received the Thank You page, please send your resume to pr@frontline1.com. Make sure it’s current with a reliable email address and mobile number.

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Gas Meter Technicians Jeffersonville Indiana
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