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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Class A CDL Drivers Ex Military Jobs

Class A CDL Drivers Ex Military Jobs

C.R. England Careers: No – Trucking Is Not for Everyone – Class A CDL Drivers Ex Military Jobs

As a refrigerated trucking company with more than 90 years of history behind us, we know what it takes to be an excellent truck driver. We also know that trucking is not for everyone. Even though we may sometimes give that impression, trucking is a unique kind of career that requires a certain way of looking at life. In this industry, there are truckers who are great at what they do and love it, those who are just getting by, and those who hate trucking and should probably look at other careers.

Unfortunately, we live in a culture that has spent decades cultivating the idea that truck driving is a career of last resort and, as such, are something anyone can do with just a few weeks training. Nevertheless, truck driving is every bit as demanding as any other skill-based career. The drivers with the best skills and attitudes are those who do well. They are the drivers we want to bring on board at C.R. England.

Good Days and Rewards

No doubt, there are plenty of good days and rewards that come with a life on the road. Any trucker who has ever seen the sun set over the Gulf of Mexico or witnessed a slow-moving storm coming across the Arizona desert knows what we are talking about. Being on the road 200+ days per year translates into an awful lot of opportunities to see Mother Nature at her finest. As for the pay and benefits, they aren’t bad either. A driver will likely not become a millionaire behind the wheel, but a career as a trucker does pay well – especially as a driver puts in the years and works his/her way up the ladder. Furthermore, competition among trucking outfits is gradually pushing pay higher and encouraging more attractive benefits


Ex Military Jobs Class A CDL Drivers Ex Military Jobs

Class A CDL Drivers Ex Military Jobs
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