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Friday, August 28, 2015



Dear Sir /Ma’am,
My name is Jay Sanders and I am the President and CEO of JMAC-JT Deer Farm. We are a Wounded Warrior and Disabled Veterans Organization. We are currently in phase one of a very large four phase project.
Our mission here at JMAC-JT Deer Farm is not to just provide a hunting trip to the Wounded Warrior and Disabled Veteran but also to their immediate family members. I say that is not our only mission because we will also offer Wilderness Therapy, Animal Therapy, and both individual and group Counseling. I would really like to stress that this is not just for the Wounded Warrior or Disabled Veteran but also to the immediate family members. This could be the spouse, son, or daughter of a living Wounded Warrior or a Warrior that has given the ultimate sacrifice for their country and family.
Each of our programs will include either an additional fourteen or twenty-eight visits with a counselor. This will also be conducted during the wilderness therapy. Now that I have given you a brief understanding of what we are trying to do. I would like to ask of you or your company to please be Sponsor in this operation, so that we may get everything up and off the ground. The services that we will be providing can and will be a life changing and or lifesaving service. Once we are fully up and operational and after we have been in business for a few years we want to also open this to victims of domestic abuse.
During the summer months when kids are out of school we would also like to be able to offer them the chance to get back to nature as well, with an outdoor education program. This would be two weeks long and could be either a two week summer camp or a two week day camp. This would however require a small fee to pay for the literature and course materials. Those that could pay would be welcomed but we would not turn away any child that wanted to learn. This would also be another way that your sponsorship would be beneficial as it would allow us to sponsor these programs.
As you can see this is not just a one minded or single operational system that we are trying to stand up. It will require a onetime investment as well as our daily search for sponsorship through mail, fund raisers, and benefits. We will also be working through social media such as Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Hoot Suite looking for sponsors.
Here at JMAC-JT Deer Farm we have a good staff on hand, from Jay Sanders President and CEO, Tyler Skidmore Chaplain/Licensed Professional Counselor, Jackson McCaffrey Sponsorship Liaison, Rick Parker IT. We have all served in the military and have our own stories of friends lost, or injured, our own suffering, ailments, and injuries. Just getting back to nature is the most relaxing and soothing atmosphere that truly promotes healing. When we are ready to start hiring personnel we will have a preference to those with military backgrounds. In some instances we will be able to offer housing at the ranch as well.
We believe that through our approach that we will be able to help all those that choose to seek help from us. That can be from any of the approaches that we offer from bringing that Veteran of the street and giving him/her a chance to turn their lives around and reconnect with their families. Where we will really stand out and shine is that we are offering our services to all Veterans and Wounded Warriors that want to participate.
If you are willing to assist us I will be happy to provide you with a copy of our business plan and any information that you may require additionally.

Thank you
Jay Sanders
President and CEO
JMAC-JT Deer Farm

"Go afield with a good attitude, with respect for the wildlife you hunt and for the forest and the fields in which you walk. Immerse yourself in the outdoor experience. It will cleanse your soul and make you a better person."
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