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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Crown Holdings Inc

Crown Holdings Inc

Crown Holdings Inc through its subsidiaries, is a leading supplier of packaging products to consumer marketing companies around the world. World headquarters are located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We are always looking for Military Veterans with transferable skills.

For more information, visit us at www.crowncork.com

The History of Crown Holdings Inc

Crown Holdings Inc has a long history of leading the industry with innovative packaging technology. From the time our founder William Painter invented the bottle cap to the ground-breaking SuperEnd™ beverage ends to today’s cutting edge shaping technology, Crown Holdings Inc., has led the way.

We owe our success to a legacy of leadership and invention that began in 1892 when our founder, William Painter, invented a better way to package soft drinks and beer. Painter’s vision revolutionized the bottling industry. His ingenuity, and the leadership of those who came after him, helped to build Crown Holdings, Inc. into the world-class company it is today.

Today, Crown Holdings, Inc. manufactures packaging products from 139 plants located in 41 countries. In over 100 years of growth and diversification, we have never lost sight of our core business: continuously improving the quality of our packaging products, while keeping costs as low as possible.

Painter introduces the first foot-powered, syruper-crowner. A good operator could fill and cap 24 bottles a minute! Painter starts selling crowning equipment and gains retailers support for the new bottle sealing device.

1906-Early Expansion
The revolution in bottling spreads quickly and Crown opens manufacturing plants in Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Japan and Brazil. By the time Painter died in 1906, the Crown Cork & Seal Company of Baltimore had greatly expanded its manufacturing base in Europe, South America and in the Orient.

1927-New Impetus
Charles McManus, an inspired tinkerer who had patented Nepro Cork, an economical substitute for natural cork, merges the New Process Cork Company into Crown Cork & Seal Company, Inc. He consolidates Crown’s operations, bolsters net sales which reach $11 million, and establishes the Crown Holdings, Inc. International Corporation.

1930s-Thriving in Hard Times
Crown Cork & Seal prospers in the thirties, selling half of the world’s supply of bottle caps. In 1936, Crown Cork & Seal acquires the Acme Can Company of Philadelphia and enters the tin can business.

1937-The Crowntainer
McManus perfects the electrolytic tin-plating process and introduces the Crowntainer. This 2-piece drawn, necked-in steel can sealed with a crown is introduced as a quart beer can.

1941 to 1945-The Tin Can Goes to War
Crown Cork & Seal shifts its production to war products and receives a government citation for the development of a gas mask canister. The Company introduces the Kork-N-Seal, the Pour-N-Seal, and the Merit Seal, continuing its prosperous expansion.

Crown strengthens its position in the aerosol can business and introduces the Spra-tainer, a lightweight, two-piece no side seam, no top seam aerosol can for the food, personal care, household and insecticide markets.

John Connelly, a former Crown supplier, takes over the presidency at a time when the company is reeling from a series of poor diversification moves and is on the verge of bankruptcy. Connelly pares down the organization and implements stringent economies. In one year, the company is on its way to recovery.

1958-New Headquarters
Crown Cork & Seal moves its corporate headquarters to Philadelphia from Baltimore.

1960-From Beer to Soft Drinks
Recognizing the enormous potential of the soft drink business, Crown Cork & Seal starts designing its equipment specifically to meet the needs of soft drink producers. The company gains considerable market share in the US soft drink market and becomes one of the world’s largest producers of steel aerosol cans.

Crown introduces the Drawn-N-Ironed, a two-piece steel beverage can alternative to the aluminum can, which rapidly becomes a hit product

1970s-Financial Strength
Crown focuses on international growth, particularly in developing countries. Connelly repurchases all of Crown’s remaining preferred stock and applies excess cash to the repurchase of common stock. Earnings-per-share grow above industry averages.
1977-Foreign Expansion
Crown Holdings, Inc. becomes one of the world’s leading producers of cans and crowns overseas, operating 60 foreign plants. Net sales reach $1 billion.

The Company begins a series of acquisitions increasing its sales from $1.9 billion in 1989 to over $8 billion by 1997. The Company enters new markets, new product areas and develops the leading research and development activities in the industries.

1990 Consolidation Begins
Crown acquires major portions of former industry leader Continental Can Company and becomes the North American packaging leader.

1992-Getting into Plastics
Crown Cork & Seal acquires CONSTAR International, a world leader in PET plastic containers for the beverage, food and household markets.

1996-Creating a World Packaging Leader
Crown Cork & Seal acquires CarnaudMetalbox, Europe’s leading manufacturer of metal and plastic packaging, and becomes the world’s packaging leader. Crown is now positioned to exceed customers requirements on a global scale.

New global headquarters opens in Philadelphia.

Crown introduces the first major breakthrough in beverage end technology in nearly 20 years: the revolutionary SuperEnd® beverage ends. This development reflects Crown’s dedication to innovate within the metal packaging industry.

Crown completes the sale of 89.5% of its shares in Constar through its Initial Public Offering by Constar.

Crown completes a $3.2 billion refinancing plan and forms Crown Holdings, Inc. as a new public holding company.

Crown sells its Global Plastic Closures business.

Crown sells its Cosmetics Packaging business.

Crown sets a new standard in convenience packaging with the debut of its Easylift™ easy-open ends. Featuring a generous gap between the can lid and tab, allowing consumers of all ages to access can contents quickly and easily.

Crown introduces the EarthSafe™ Dispensing System, an innovative and environmentally responsible package that replaces hydrocarbons with compressed air as the propellant. The package also features advanced valve technology that allows total product evacuation at consistent flow rates from start to finish.

Crown launches the world’s first full aperture end for the 2010 FIFA World Cup tournament. Branded the 360 End™, it uses a combination of food and beverage can technology so that the entire lid can be removed, turning the can itself into a drinking cup and removing the need for separate glassware. The 360 End™ is ideal for use at venues or events where glass bottles are typically prohibited.

Crown unveils the new Orbit™ Closure – a revolutionary technology featuring a unique two-part design that reduces torque making it twice as easy to open compared to standard twist-off closures. Also an industry first this year, Crown launches HoloCrown™, a unique holographic foil technology that allows holographic images to be stamped directly on decorative metal tins.

Crown Holdings Inc

Crown Holdings Inc
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