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Monday, July 17, 2017

Facilities Manager - Locations: Middle East, North Africa, Southeast Asia (non-war zone)

Facilities Manager

Seeking Facilities Manager
Locations: Middle East, North Africa, Southeast Asia (non-war zone)
Willing to relocate (with family)

True North is seeking dependable Facilities Manager to manage day-to-day facility operations. Candidate must be more comfortable with technology than the typical end user of most technical products and be a “handy man” type. The person should also be an experienced international traveler, and if they have lived overseas in more austere/restrictive environments before that is a definite plus. Someone who has a property management or building maintenance background, and/or a specific trade such as a carpenter, electrician, HVAC, computers, etc., is preferred. Candidates who are proficient with computers, software and/or technology will also be considered.

1.High School Degree with a trade/licensed profession preferred, secondary education a plus
2.Experience with facility/property/office management or maintenance
3.Multilingual with a level 3 English language ability
4.Willing to relocate (with family) to Middle East, North Africa, Southeast Asia (non-war zone)
5.Willing to travel
Experience: 10 years

1.Experience with real estate development, management or construction preferred
2.Ability to effectively manage day-to-day operations at a facility, office or property
3.Technically savvy beyond an average end user
4.Must be willing to be hands-on when necessary
5.Ability to follow instructions and consistently follow up on tasks
6.Must be capable of working independently, multi-tasking, appreciate efficiency and be highly adaptable
7.Must have a calm demeanor, be discreet and willing to receive constructive feedback
8.Must be a team-oriented person who is also comfortable working alone for long periods of time

Overseas Expat package to include:
Competitive Salary + international benefits
Housing Allowance
Dependent Education Allowance
Health and Life Insurances
Travel Stipend

Please send resume to jobs@tru-nor.com

Company Website  http://www.truenorthlogistics.com/

Facilities Manager

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