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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

VSPChannel Sponsorship Request Letter

1994 Dresden Cove, Round Rock, Texas 78665

RE: Sponsorship Request Letter for

The VSPChannel is an innovative veteran-inspired internet channel dedicated to creating, producing and broadcasting shows and programs that promote wellness and good mental health to America’s veterans and their family members. We believe that by doing so we can begin to decrease and, hopefully, prevent veteran suicides in America. The VSPChannel also provides, along with our radio broadcasting partner, the American Heroes Network, a "Resource Directory" which includes, outreach to mental health information (PTSD/TBI), referral to physical wellness programs, service and companion animals, financial aid, family retreats, educational scholarships and rehabilitation programs that are available for veterans and their family members nationwide. The VSPChannel was given the “Most Innovative Veterans Service Organization Award 2015” by the Department Of Defense Texas State Representative, Roland Murphy, because of our concept of operation and uniqueness of programming.
As a United States disabled Veteran and the creator of the VSPChannel, I have been inspired to create a channel that veterans can call their own and that is dedicated to help our veterans and their families foster better physical, mental, and spiritual health. We are proud that the VSPChannel was accepted into the Department of Veterans Affairs private online system on January 5, 2016, and is now available on all of their computers nationwide.
I am writing you to ask you to help us to raise funds to create 5 episodes of a very important new show for the Veterans Suicide Prevention Channel (VSPChannel). Our new cooking show is entitled “COOKING FOR VETERANS MENTAL HEALTH SHOW,” and will star our very own Veteran Chefs Andre Rush and Charles Johnson. Andre Rush is a retired Army Master Sergeant Chef who currently prepares nutritionally balanced and delicious foods at the White House in Washington, DC. He is also a Master Chef trained in classical plating, baking and cake decorating, Andre is also a master ice carver. Charles Johnson, is a retired Army Staff Sergeant Chef who has worked as the Culinary Arts Instructor for the Fort Bliss Culinary Arts Team and who was classically trained through the United States Army and the Culinary Institute of America. Initially, our new cooking show will be produced and broadcast on the VSPChannel, however, it will then be made available for public broadcast on a non exclusive basis.
The “Cooking for Veterans Mental Health Show” is the first of its kind. The hosting Veteran Chefs will show veterans and their families how to prepare delicious, inexpensive, and nutritious meals designed to alleviate stress and increase healthy moods for those that may be suffering with symptoms of depression, anxiety, and paranoia which can be directly attributed to PTSD. Other ailments, such as diabetes, may benefit from recipes shared on the show. We believe our cutting edge show and its mental health aspect will alter lives in a positive way. All information that will be offered on this show will be supported by respected research and backed up by important empirical facts.

We need your financial support to make these shows become a reality. With your support, we can produce the first 5, 30-minute episodes for this show. The VSPChannel is a 501 c 3 nonprofit organization and sponsorship of this show is entirely tax deductible.  Sponsors can also receive acknowledgments for their contributions in several ways based upon the nature of their contribution, including advertisement on broadcasts of the show each time it airs. Sponsors may donate goods and services, but what is most needed for this production, right now, are financial contributions.

Please help us to help our veterans and their families by funding the production of these 5 cutting edge shows. Your contribution will allow the VSPChannel and these renowned veteran chefs to create a show that can serve the veteran community throughout America in a beneficial way.
These shows are slated for production in late August 2016, so it is vitally important that we receive your contribution as soon as possible. For further information send an email to: veteranssuicidepreventionchan@gmail.com, or glenntowery7@gmail.com, or call 512-433-6632 to speak to Glenn Towery.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.


Glenn Towery, Chairman & Founder
Veterans Suicide Prevention Channel
Executive Producer,
323-849-8511 (M)

Visit our Veterans Suicide Prevention Channel Website for more information

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