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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Multicouples Group for OEF/OIF Veterans and their Partners

A team of researchers at the Bronx & Manhattan VAs is providing a novel intervention to help post-9/11 Veterans and their significant others reconnect and reintegrate. 
Currently offering couples groups to post-9/11 Veterans and their spouses or partners. These ‘Black Belt’ groups offer both education about normative post-deployment stressors and recognizing signs of health/mental health problems and skills training in couples communication, emotion regulation and compensatory strategies for coping with common post-deployment diagnoses, such as mTBI and PTSD.

The groups are held at the Bronx VA at 130 W Kingsbridge Rd in the Bronx and at the New York Harbor VA on East 23rd St in Manhattan.  Participating couples can be compensated up to $270 for responding to questionnaires to evaluate the value of this approach. Veterans who are enrolled either at the Bronx VA or Manhattan VA for healthcare can participate. If they are not enrolled but want to participate, they would only have to register through the facility OEF/OIF clinic, but don’t need to get their care at the VA.  No formal TBI or PTSD diagnosis on the veterans behalf is necessary to participate.

Below is a flier and a 3-slide PowerPoint that captures the key points of the study and has further contacts for those interested in registering.

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