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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Submarine Engineering Technician

Labor Category: Submarine Engineering Technician

(a) EDUCATION For Submarine Engineering Technician:
No requirement specified.
(b) SPECIALIZED EXPERIENCE For Submarine Engineering Technician:
Three (3) years full-time engineering experience in the operation, maintenance, installation, test and/or repair of submarine mechanical and or electrical and or electronic systems/equipment. Experience in evaluating the material condition of ship systems and implementing corrective action.
(c) GENERAL EXPERIENCE For Submarine Engineering Technician:
Five (5) years full-time technical experience in the design, installation, test, and/or repair of mechanical/electrical/electronic or mechanical systems/equipment.
(d) SECURITY CLEARANCE For Submarine Engineering Technician:
TOP SECRET (Candidates with SECRET clearances who are eligible for upgrade to TOP SECRET will be considered).
Note: Relevant submarine experience is an absolute prerequisite for a candidate to be viable.

Name of employer For Submarine Engineering Technician:
HUBZone Headquarters, Inc. (www.hz-hq.com)
Perfect Opportunity For Former Military

Type of position For Submarine Engineering Technician:
Long-term / Full-time (40 hours/week) with benefits / hourly.

Contract ?: Yes. This position is for a government contractor position in support of the U.S. Navy. HUBZone HQ (employer) has a multiple long-term defense contracts.

Compensation For Submarine Engineering Technician:
Higher hourly labor rates are available for submarine engineering technicians who have more years of specialized and general experience. Overtime pay (with premium pay) is authorized (and expected) on this contract based on the needs of the Navy client.

Location of work For Submarine Engineering Technician:
While most of the work is expected to be at government locations in or around Norfolk, VA, Kings Bay, GA and Groton, CT and approximately 10% of the work will be performed at sea in submarines.

Interested Candidates Please Send Resume to: jobs@dotmlpfi.com

The exact “Place of Performance” terminology in the contract is: “Engineering and Technical Support Services shall be performed at the Contractor’s facility, on U.S. Naval Submarines, in U.S. Navy and commercial shipyards, at various contractor sites and U.S. Naval facilities or as otherwise specified in individual PWS. Support services may also be required on-board Submarines while operating at sea, and outside the continental United States. Approximately 10 percent of the effort will be performed on submarines at sea.

Welcome To HUBZone HQ

HUBZone HQ is a veteran-owned HUBZone firm based in Virginia Beach, Virginia, specializing in HUBZone subcontracting and compliance. Since opening our doors, our vision is to be the premier HUBZone firm and government contractor in engineering and consulting backed by a scalable enterprise business model that supports US government clients in all geographies. As we provide capable engineering, detailed consulting, high tech research and development (R&D), and life cycle support services to our valued clients, we’re consistent through every phase in remaining focused on maintaining HUBZone compliance.

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Submarine Engineering Technician

Submarine Engineering Technician
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