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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Administrative Records Coordinator Ex Military Jobs

Administrative Records Coordinator Ex Military Jobs

Smith Richardson Foundation, Inc. is seeking an Administrative Records Coordinator for Westport, CT

Job Description For Administrative Records Coordinator Ex Military Jobs:The Smith Richardson Foundation is a grant making foundation whose mission is to contribute to important public debates and to address serious public policy challenges facing the United States.
The Foundation seeks to help ensure the vitality of our social, economic, and governmental institutions.
It also seeks to assist with the development of effective policies to compete internationally and to advance U.S. interests and values abroad.
It advances this mission through grant making that supports, primarily, research and analysis.
It has two principal grant making programs: the International Security and Foreign Policy Program and the Domestic Public Policy Program.
The Foundation believes that conflict and change in the international environment create needs in the U.S. policy community for analysis and guidance on critical foreign and defense policy issues.
In the domestic arena, the Foundation believes that policy makers are seeking innovative and pragmatic solutions to the long-term challenges affecting the well-being of all Americans.
In order to manage its large grant making program, the Foundation must track the progress of its active grants and gather information on the products and outcomes of the projects it has supported.
In order to do so, grant recipients are required to submit regular narrative and financial reports to the Foundation and share with the Foundation any products (books, reports, papers, etc.) that were produced as a result of a grant.
The Administrative Records Coordinator is charged with working with the Foundation’s program officers to implement and oversee the grant reporting process.
In that capacity, the Administrative Records Coordinator will develop a reporting schedule for newly awarded grants, remind recipients of when reports are due, receive reports, distribute reports to the proper program officer, and collect and analyze data on the status of reports foundation-wide.
The Coordinator will also interact with grantees, from a variety of professions (e.g., policy analysts, practitioners, academics).
The Coordinator will also ensure that financial reports are received from institutions that are hosting the grants.
The Coordinator is an important part of the program team who will also help the team assess the impact and influence of grants.
The duties and responsibilities for this administrative position will require that the individual work closely with the program officers of the international and domestic programs.
They will work with the program officers to: – Interact with grantees to make sure that reports are received on time. – Prepare weekly reports of the grant reporting requirement activities. These weekly reports include grant activity, delinquent days, reporting graphs, and other information related to the activities and products associated with each grant. – Manage all hard copy grant file material in an onsite central filing system and offsite archive storage. – Manage hard copies of all grantee reports from receipt through filing. – Manage the grant reporting requirements section of the Foundation’s database (Gifts). – Provide other administrative support as required.

Skills For Administrative Records Coordinator Ex Military Jobs:
Capability to manage paperwork in an efficiently and timely manner Strong writing and verbal communication skills.
Ability to work as a team member.
Ability to use Power Point and Excel at a high degree of expertise.
High skills in using computer software applications (including Microsoft office)
Ability to use or learn to use the Gifts database software

Excellent Benefit Package

The Smith Richardson Foundation is located in Westport, Connecticut. This job is located here.

Please send a cover letter and resume to: Opportunities@srf.orgwww.srf.org



Administrative Records Coordinator Ex Military Jobs
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