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Thursday, February 28, 2019

"The National Anthem Day",

FOX News has asked The American Legion Post 911 to invite Veterans to attend the honoring of "The National Anthem Day", by helping them display their Giant AMERICAN Flag.

Let's demonstrate our pride by showing up and taking part in displaying the Flag of the United States of America!

Date:  Sunday, March 3, 2019

Time:  9AM Sharp (during the 9 O’clock hour of FOX Family & Friends)

Location:  1211 Avenue of the Americas (Manhattan)

This event will be outdoors, so please dress your best, but consider the weather.  Wear your American Legion Cap, or any Cap that show your symbolism of a veteran.

If you are interested, please email John Powers, the 911 American Legion Post Commander at JPPowers@AmericanLegion.com

Do not RSVP if you are not attending.  For those attending just email jppowers@americanlegion.com.  Please note that you will not receive an email confirming that you have RSVP.  Just simply email that you are coming so that we can tally the numbers and provide that information to FOX.

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