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Friday, February 26, 2016

Military Women In Power, Ltd Crisis Hotline

This the Here and Now Video
VA crisis line left vets in limbo, says report
I have to Yell this out to the Four Corners of my Military Community and World.... To all Ladies and Gentlemen of the Armed Forces..if Any Veteran/Soldier needs to vent or just someone to guide them in the right direction because the VA isn't ... contact me.  This mission applies to both genders... Military Women In Power, Ltd does/will not discriminate when it comes to the uplifting of a Soul and preservation of Life... God Bless.. 
I'm open 24/7 for ALL my Military Personnel... Not Any of You will ever be Alone as long as God keeps me alive and well ...

I also send a Call to Arms...To All the Organizations and Advocates... We have a big Mission at hand and that is to step up to the Plate where the VA hotline has failed these soldiers and stick with them (Veterans/Soldiers) until we pull them out the ditch and back on to the Road... This needs more exposure... down to the grunt level where the action is happening... We all need to start pumping this information out to all these radio stations.. the names of organization and individuals like myself who are on stand by for any/all Veterans/Soldiers who have call this hotline.. THAT I AM... THAT WE ARE out here to receive their Live calls 24/7... this is a probable mission... It is my mission...
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